The SUMMIT Ironmongery Congress Mexico

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The SUMMIT Ironmongery Congress México is the annual meeting between leaders of the mexican hardware industry, which promotes better-informed and more responsible decision-making in business relationships at the national and international level.


Mexico and Latin America is a wonderful market for the whole world, only in Latin America there is an approximate population of 629 million people, while in Mexico we have a population of 128.23 million inhabitants, in one of the most stable markets and prosperous in the hardware market.

We are the best way to advertise within the national hardware market

Since last year, the hardware industry in Mexico became one of the essential activities of the commercial sector that in the first six months of 2020 demonstrated an increase of 40% in demand for this noble sector, with a range of participation in the market of 2 percent to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and made up of a large sector of more than 70 thousand hardware stores distributed throughout the country.


We are a professional communication company preferred by the entire hardware industry in the country, with the mission of promoting a better informed, strategic and responsible buying and selling culture through the distribution of our TODO FERRETERÍA magazine, the guidance manual and promotion of the distributors and leaders of the hardware channel with more than 9 years in the market and a monthly circulation of 50 thousand copies in national circulation that reach our target audience made up of hardware merchants from all over the country, wholesale distributors, and manufacturers .

We are the best means to advertise within the market, because we know each of the main segments of the sector supported by our market studies and unique and precise methodology that gives us effective results on the distribution of products, sales and business relationships in the whole country.

If you want to do business with us first level and very effectively within Mexico, we are the best option, value us and take advantage of such a wonderful market.

Advertising contracts , sponsorships and exhibitors

Enrique Sanchez.
Commercial director

Elvira Santos Gaspar.
Commercial manager

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